Cool and weird combined!!!!

Well, today I thought that I would look for some unusual photos on the net and bung them on the blog, as I am sure these will cheer your day up?

Now this is really cool and so much work to make it look like this, top job.


I had a type 2 and miss it and this is a great concept.



Well,certainly would worry about stopping this beast.

I think all the power would be on the right.

Cooler than an Eskimo’s fridge.

Now, that’s super low.

This was an early hover craft I reckon or swamp buggy for sure.

Come on, ya got to have a couple of girls on push bikes right?


Another swamp buggy.

Love the cafe Racer back in the day ha ha.



Now, if you miss the train, you can catch this one anytime!!!


The Queen needs milk for her Tea, quick !!!!!


Motorama concept car…..This one is the Chevrolet Biscayne…..It too was found and restored by Joe Bortz & Co…..

Radio flyer on Roids.

Fair enough!

Citreon 2cv as a half track.

Now, here is something right out of the 60’s and I am sure Gerry Anderson would of loved to drive this?

Awesome stuff , must of turned so many heads?

Now that’s a cool Chopper, no wonder it has a double disc brake set up at the front.

Very Roth style.

Just in case there is a traffic jam, they can take to the water.

Unreal job, looks like a trumpy inside a CD175  BENLY Honda frame etc?

This is such a cool ride, another concept car back in the day.



Yep, its Goofy alright.  Hope you enjoyed today s Blog?








Steve Carpenter