Dirt Quake is an awesome event for anyone to attend if they have a motorcycle,  this is held on the Eastern side of the United kingdom in a town called Kings Lynn in Norfolk. This is the flatland part of the UK and how do I know that, I went to school in the next county in Suffolk and used to go to Kings Lynn to watch the speedway there as I was an Ipswich witches fan and they were rival teams, the Kings Lynn Knights were their name but changed back to their original 50’s name the Stars.


So, in this quaint Saxon town you can now hear the rumble of a different tune, and thats road motorcycles in a cool event aptly named Dirtquake.

Below is the trailer for Dirtquake 2 but then we have shots that I have taken from the internet, via face book and the bike shed back home in the UK  and also friends sent me some pics  to try and show what goes on there.


We need it here in So-Cal as it would be a blast, no attitude, just fun.



Dirtquake 3 has just finished and they had a great time, along with The Ilse Of Man Marvel “Guy Martin” has a go and enjoys it.


Use any bike and get some good tires and have a go.


So just some cool photos and vids to look at today to help you through the Hot times here that we are having weather wise.



There are some really cool photos that I saw on The bike Shed and Facebook and just thought that you may not have seen them and to try and keep you lot updated as to what goes on back in the UK and all over the globe for that matter in the Motorcycle fraternity.

I really like this event as nobody cares what you look like, its to have fun and in fact, they encourage you to go out on a limb and just have fun.



























Scott Summers Photography — with Guy Martin.


Ian Heartfield of the BSMC…

Scott Summers Photography — with Guy Martin.







Scott Summers Photography — with Maxwell Paternoster.




With Ross Sharp.






With Ame Pearce and Vikki van Someren.












Guy Martin of T.T. Fame even gets in on the race and loves it.










Hope you enjoyed the blog, we need something here at the local speedway like Costa Mesa, it would be Epic.





Steve Carpenter