Have Fun this weekend with your Motorcycle.

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People often email and cal me saying that they are stuck on what to do on, or with their Motorcycle and, as the weekend is almost upon us I thought that I would just say a few lines here.

Now, we all get that Void part of building where we hit a wall and just seem to be stuck in a continual handbrake turn for idea’s and ways of direction- Believe me, I have been there so many times I thought that I would be in the Guinness Book of records for being so discombobulated at certaims times of a project.


What ever you are doing and you get stuck, just have a cuppa and think about where your Original Idea was, jump on the internet and look for forums or you tube for other ideas people have done to get you re-inspired once more.

cb750 KO

It is very hard to rekindle a flame when the wind is blowing, but sometimes if you make a slight adjustment, all becomes calm and you will see that light once more. You may have a stock as a Rock CB750 Honda in your garage but- it has sat for 20 years and nobody else wants it so what can I do to make this my own style of bike?




Now, even if you have a rusty heap in the corner, it can be resurrected but- the Pro’s on Cons for this can go on for many a mile, so for me I thunk my advice would be to get something that Runs, that way have a super platform to do what ever you want to the frame, the gas tank and seat and of course the wheels and handle bars.

Motomussi built a cool CX out of a snotter and so can you.

You can find something affordable and spend your own time massaging it into something cool and creative.

Below, Ed Turners concept hit the nail on the head.

Find something affordable too, as no point trying to rebuild a 1940’s Sunbeam as the parts will be almost impossible to find and when you do they will be sky high.

just have fun and do what you can as it does not have to be a high dollar machine to turn heads.


Enjoy what you do and drop me a line if you need help or advise anytime.




Steve Carpenter

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