Just cool video’s to help you through the day.

some days is hard to start, like a bike with a flat battery, so I do feel a little like this as I got up this morning, a warm bed is hard to leave, especially when the love of your life is all cozy and still nuzzled in the sheets, so as I got to work I thought that many others will have the same Tuesday blues, and I think the trick would be to at least give you something to view and look forward to in the warmer climates as you get into the shed each night to create your own Café Racer.
Below is a sedate but interesting Video of a girl on a Thruxton and some awesome Italian Country side views.

Milonga – A short film by Cafe Twin from Cafe Twin on Vimeo.

Sticking with the Thruxton motorcycle, and still in Italy, this is a bloke on a red 900 cruising around and taking the early Sunday morning in, if you own a motorcycle, then you will know what I mean when you watch these videos , as they have that certain feeling of forgetting about everything else in life and just enjoying your motorcycle.

Café Racer Queen is a really well animated clip that shows the Girl and her ride, I dig the whole concept and have to give great Kudos to the people for making this bang on!!!

Cafe Racer Queen from Louis Costa on Vimeo.



Steve Carpenter