More Motorcycles coming into shop for Servicing.

Well, here at Nostalgia Speed and Cycle, we are receiving more and more service work, and we thank you for that, we are also receiving all sorts of rides and some take me way back to the UK and I really loved these machines, unfortunatly, My brother and I could only dream of stuff like this, or get lucky to let someone let us have a ride of one.


The Bultaco 370 was a Motocross bike with more balls than a Sports outlet store and I had only seen the 250, so this was a great surprise for me to see this turn up.


The customer has owned this since the 1970’s and last fired it up some 22 years ago, guess that’s the carb rebuild kit needed then???

I am dreading looking at the air filter too.


I loved this original decal on the 1970’s Aftermarket desert tank.


This bike is going to need some love and attention, but I am sure I can get this fired up once I have taken it apart and cleaned everything.



Steve Carpenter