Some tunes that I dig.

Listen Gang

North Side Gal by J.D. McPherson

Sometimes when you hear a song, it wacks you right in the Chest, well this song does for me and also I am a Bass guy so a great video and want to share it with you lot, here are some tunes that I just dig and want to share with you, volume up and in 3, 2, 1…….



My mate dean was in this band, he is the young Brit with Black hair and Moon shirt, great band.

This girl has always rocked . IMELDA MAY.

Also, check my mate out in London Mouse Man ZINN he wacks out some really cool podcast’s, to get you through the day and night, I have known this geezer 30 years and he just gets better and better, so if you dig older music with more swing than a kids playground, then this is right up your street, alley or back yard !!!!



Steve Carpenter