NOSTALGIA SPEED AND CYCLE. More, a way of life really.

Saturday evening and I am about to go and try Sushi out for the first time, not sure if I am going to like it but with a nick name like a fish, well I am sure I am gonna be ok.

Work at the shop is picking up by each day, I try to please everyone and get the jobs out in a timely manner, and I think it is now paying off.


Here at the shop, we are trying to offer as many services as we possibly can, and if you take a look at the website and the daiy Blogs, I try and do as much as I can to keep the flame alive.


I work hard and I know many of you are exactly the same as me and really live the lifestyle.


I am hopoing to offer many more services, from selling Vintage style tires, to offering Chrome plating and anodizing.


YES-this industry is growing and I have to stay up with the pace and enjoy meeting new people and going to new places and seeing what is going on in that part of the country.


Tomorrow am off to a Custom show in Huntington beach, so may see some of you there?



Some of you email informing me that even though they cannot make a show or event, by having a Blog, it allows them to see what is going on through my eyes by the use of all the photo’s I take.





Steve Carpenter