OK, not much on here just yet, but- I shall be heading off to Tehachapie to a Street Rod and Custom show, always great to meet other clubs and cool venues etc.


  But I shall take a bunch of photo’s to share with you lot and you can see what is around the central part of where I am located, as its about a 2.5 hour drive, the sun is already out, its humid as boxers made of plastic and I am only just about to leave.

On the way there I stopped off and had to take a photo or two of the Pick up that was sat outside an old Pawn shop in Bakersfield.

This had more bullet holes in it than the Alamo and must of had more lead in it than a Church stained glass window display.

Seen better days, but love seeing stuff like this when I am on the road, and it amazes me still to see any vintage stuff sitting anywhere anymore.

I think the guy knows nobody will tow this cab away, as it will more than likely fall apart as soon as they attach a tow line to it.

This has an Autolite head, and to be honest- I haven’t seen one of these before, only distributors and coils.



I got to Tehachapie and 300 cars turned up from all around the area, a really good and fun turn out and the mood of the whole day was great, music, cars and food was the order of the day.

What I loved about this Annual event is that at about mid-day, everybody fires up their engines and revs the crap out of them for a few minutes, all you can hear is motors from straight sixes to full blown Nascar big blocks screaming, a super idea for any car show, they call this” Thunder in the Mountain” And if you are out this way next year, ya gotta come and check the show out.


The good thing about having this show is that you have all sorts of styles and colors, and you never know what might be there, I was surprised by many cool rides t be honest.


This pick up was cleaner than any cats ARSE and he built this in his garage at home.





Steve Carpenter