Old bike of Mine.

Hey There Everyone

Well being Throw Back Thursday, here is a little CB750 I created some 7 years ago and still going strong today.


Fun machine with tons of power and the response was bang on, all I did was ride the heck out of it until such time it was to send to the New owner and that bike was just a blast to ride anywhere.


Just thought I would share today, have a great Thursday all as time always seems to go fast.


It is hard to write a blog everyday but I try as I know you lot like to see all sorts of things and the emails I receive, ask me to continue to post articles, photos and anything that I like to be honest.


Not sure who the Girl is, i think it is a friend of the owner of the BRG73.

cafe Racer motorcycle from CAFE RACER on Vimeo.



Steve Carpenter

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