Get the parts you need for your Build this season

Well, for many the weather is just starting to ease of a little, Spring is almost here and I know a few of you will already be in the garage or shed, with the heater on, trying to figure out what to create with your two wheeled machine.  Spring mostly brings great weather and I am sure that by now, you are ready to jump in head first to build your Custom Motorcycle and get the bike out on the tarmac as quick as you can.



Be it a Cafe Racer, A Cool Brat style, a Full on Custom or a wicked Tracker style, we have the parts that you are looking for, and with over 4 decades of building Motorcycles, I do my utter best to help you create your machine and get the parts out to you as fast as I possibly can.


Many people email me about their machines and ask for ideas or just inspiration, I have been there many times and you eventually hit a wall in the design process, but many hands make light work and many ideas from people certainly help mold that design into a more solid Concrete build and then, you are off and working like crazy to get the idea out onto the road.

I too have a few long projects that need to be completed, I also offer Servicing to full builds and, have enjoyed doing this in Southern California for over 18 years.

exhaust and parts

If I can help with anything, even if its advise, call 714-598-8392 or even text and I will do my very best to help you out, this industry is a fun and creative one and I hope that I can be of some assistance to you, this is not just a job for me, its my life and I continue to push the envelope on parts where I can.




Steve Carpenter

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