Well, I thought I would start showing a few readers rides, that way you lot can have a look and maybe get inspiration on your own project? As its always great to see other machines out there.

Below is Sonny Morrisons lovely CB750 SOHC Caff.

A real cool Rockers look too and a ton of time went into creating this machine, I love the lines, good job mate.

Hand Made Manx tank with knee inserts and Clip On indents give this CB750 the look of the old Ace Cafe and Busy Bee days.

A set of 1977 Lester rims front and back, keep this machine looking period, hand formed aluminum seat too is a nice touch and bet its a blast to ride?

Using my Gauge bracket, Sonny has cleaned the top end of this Caff racer up, its very clean and with the Dampner added, looks circa 1958.

This is kinda how it started off and hats off to you my friend for a grand job, no easy task and glad that you sent in some photos of your build to us to show to all out there.

Rebuilt forks with Polished Lowers and Gators from me and of course my 4 into 1 exhaust system, lets the world know that Sonnys is coming down the road and not hanging about.

A rare 16 inch Lester Mag wheel is a very cool set up with Koni shocks,drilled rear brake hub and my rear sets and exhaust, this is just the ticket.

Nice job and hope to see some more pics, as well as the details on what is on the bike and what you did to modify it to your requirements.