59 club meet up

What a great little venue Ruby’s diner is up in Whittier, A stones throw from where I live and thought that a trip to check this Car show out would be fun to attend and get some cool grub at the same time, seeing as it is quite light until at least 8;30 pm, we took advantage of the weather and headed out to Whittier for a great evening with my 59 Club.




Caution indeed,as we parked up and took in the sights and sounds of Ruby’s Diner and what a great selection of cool stuff they had to show us here.


How about this awesome flathead Indian Chief, I would love to have been the owner of this ride and loved everything about it, even the oil leaks!


I painted this design on My leather jacket a few decades ago now and always loved the Indian logo, what a cracking American piece of History.


I didn’t see the owner as i wanted to hear it fire up and cruise down the road, but this show is always cool to see as you never know what might turn up.


Green seemed to be a popular choice of color for many of the cars that showed up today but its a cool color none the less and loved the rides.


The fairlane below was super clean and had every factory option available o it, a sweet long and wide machine that was just nice to look at.

026 028


The Pontiac Star Chief was also a hit at the show, Big Chromed D- Cup Over riders and sat lower than a snakes belly, this was really a nice car.



The 5 spokes and Lakes pipes on that Star Chief was a nice touch too. Blew a soft green Lincoln Continental Convertible looked awesome.




Four Door Galaxy was super clean and all original trim too, this has been cherished for many years that’s for sure and I loved it.


Below, this Yellow T Bucket had more tickets than cheap Angels deals and was Blown with open headers!

020 021


I would of loved the Dodge Lancer as the Body work was all original and loved the paint patina, not sure where the Hood went though.


Small Block Powered 1930 A Bone was sitting pretty on steelies and lakester headers.



I loved this49 Woody, awesome Super deluxe Model and Flathead powered with a three speed.

024 025

56 Wagon was clean and I have seen a few of these out here, loved to own one myself as I had a 55 4 Door in the UK in the 90’s.


Another Green ride, this time a Bowtie on stock rims and cleaner than many cat’s Arses.


Super smooth and clean 56 Belair that had custom 60’s tube grill, just lose the dice and this would be fab!


I know, but as I said, there is something for everyone at this weekly meet and this was really clean too.


Mopar at its very best here, plenty of people looked at this Plymouth, love the big intake scoop.


How can you not just stop and stare, such a menacing front end.

036 037

Little Canary yellow and Red 40 ford is so cool, an early owner so a Hot Rod for many years, flattys gone so now a street rod but loved it.


I loved this 53 it sat right, looked right and would of loved to own it and painted it a candy Root Beer brown with lake pipes.




This tidy 55 is a nice model and other than the Dice, I would of taken it for sure.




This show is Every Friday in the Summer and people are so friendly, if you get a chance, come over as I know you will enjoy yourself as much as we did and we continue to do so.

Many thanks to you all for coming out, we really enjoyed your company and the ride on this Hot Summer Night and look forward to our next meet, check out Carpy’s Cafe Racers on for more rides that we will be doing, come along, we are fun to be with.



Steve Carpenter

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