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Well, here we are with a great little kit to be able to help you overhaul your front brake caliper.

We use this set up all the time and it works great and we wanted to offer you this too.

First, check the video’s out as this will show you what we do.


Part 2

Part 3

So, what we have for you is the 5 Rubber wheels that will help you remove all the oxidization and gunk from inside the caliper, we also supply the dremel Mandrel that you will need to attach to the rubber wheel.

These will last a long time and these are the same set up that we use right here at the shop.

Also this saves you paying a motorcycle shop to do it and this has been the way I have done these calipers for many many years.

By using this set up in your dremel or air grinder, you can remove all the bad marks and gum from the inside of your caliper and bring it to a smooth finish.

You can buy the Rubber O-Ring from us and also we sell a Stainless steel Piston, as we always replace them wit these and they will never rust again, but, if your piston is ok you can still use the rubber wheel to buff any marks out and plop it back in but- always use a New Rubber O-Ring.

By spending less than half an hour cleaning up your Caliper body- will save you mucho Denero as this is now as good as new inside once more.

So, if you want to end them brake sticking blues, you have come to the right place and get ya self unstuck and back on the road again.



Weight 0.4 lbs