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Chrome Fork Covers HONDA 69-78


These will really clean up the lower fork of your amazing Motorcycle and get you noticed.

Here we are with a cool set up if you are not using the Ribbed gators on your CB750 or CB550 Honda four.

chrome fork caps 2

On my website you will see that I sell the original Rubber caps, but this time I have these awesome chrome covers that fit over the rubber ones.

chrome fork caps 4


Thus embellishing that unique Motorcycle of yours and giving that Custom look that many fail to show.

chrome fork caps 5

Available from me and ready to fit right out of the box, this will fit snug on the Fork Rubber that you have on top of your fork lower.

chrome fork caps 6

Now, the earlier CB’s had gators but some people want to use clip on’s or keep a cleaner look and want to fit the Rubber caps that I sell on my site, these are a great addition to the cover as they really do finish off the fork very well.

Below you can see the Rubber Caps that  sell and use and then you can fit the Chrome covers right over the top.

chrome fork caps 7

I ship all over the Globe and 6 days a week, have a look and see if this is something you think that will clean that bike up.

chrome fork caps 8

I also machine the forks as a service too and that’s something I started many years ago.

chrome fork caps 9

Just have a look how killer these are and how much that they embellish the fork set up and I know that you will like them for your Motorcycle.

chrome fork caps 10

These are perfect for the Custom guy, the Cafe Racer guy, the Chopper guy, the Brat guy and even the Tracker guy.

chrome fork caps 11

So treat your self to a set of these and you will thank me later for sure.




Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 in


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