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HONDA CB750 K Side Cover Emblem SOHC

Here we are with a great reproduction Side Cover emblem that is perfect in everyway to the factory Original, the Old ones are dried out and usually crack or snap when you try and remove them and I wanted to offer something that will be as fresh as the New paint that you have spent good money on, and here they are.

This is a 750 Four Side Cover Emblem that is cast from expensive Polymers and very hard wearing, this is the exact design as the genuine article and ready to fit to your side cover right out of the bag it arrives in.

This is for ONE Emblem and they are reversible, so if you need a pair for you Honda 750 Four K Model, then you are in luck and I can ship these out to you.

These particular versions are to fit the 1973 1974 1975 and 1976 SOHC Machines or in laymen’s terms: K3, K4, K5, K6. These are sold Individually, so just enter the amount you require and I will personally pack them and ship them out to you.

I sell many of these, perfect for restoration or simply a replacement for your weather beaten versions, these come with the star snap circlips, so ready to fit onto your side cover right away.




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