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I have just got around to trying a few different batteries over the last year, I have actually used about half a dozen well known brands.




Recently I used a couple of Lithium Battery’s and to be honest, they didn’t hold up to the cranking power needed for the big Four Cylinder Motors I use.



So, I came across EarthX  Battery’s  and this was a great set up, it fitted well into the battery box of the stock bike I had, but also it was light weight and very well made.


I fitted it to my machine and boy did it crank over, this has great cranking power and can handle the ampage drained to get the 750 turning over.


So I have now become an Official Dealer for EarthX and been selling to clients and all seem to be happy with these set ups.


These really are a light weight yet heavy duty battery and you can lay them flat our even upside down, Lithium is a great battery with at least 3 years of power, most batteries drop down after a year and then by the second year start to deteriorate , you should replace your 12 volt battery every 3 years really but, these ones here are a knockout piece of kit.



I have drop shipped these all over the globe too, so you get them F A S T !!!

With 230 Cold cranking amps of power, that’s the ticket for me.


Here is the information about these guys and that will give you some insight to what these batteries are all about, as I think they are a superb product and shall start to use them all the time.


BUT- I can supply you with a battery for what ever motorcycle, snow cat or scooter you own as this company manufactures for many models and brands.

 Just let us know what you have and I will let you know if we have an application that will work with the battery you have right now.


Our ETX Lithium batteries, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), are designed to be a light-weight, maintenance free replacement of your standard lead-acid battery.  Our batteries will work with any vehicle charging system and “modern” lead-acid battery chargers, thanks to our exclusive built-in electronics (Battery Management System, BMS).  No other motorsport lithium battery manufacturer offers a battery with built-in electronics to protect it from over-discharging, over-charging, plus keep the cell’s charge level balanced.

Our batteries are an exceptional value given the fact they can last four times longer than a lead-acid battery, up to 8 years.  All of our motorsport batteries come with a full 2 year warranty (not prorated like others).  If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, you may return it for a refund (see our Shipping and Returns policy).

We engineer and assemble all our batteries in the U.S.A.

Replaces YT12B-BS, YTX14AH-BS, YTX14AHL-BS, YT14B-B2, YT14A-A2, YT14B-BS, YB16AL-A2, YTZ10S (this is 4mm taller than so verify you have space in your battery box first and if it is too tall, order the ETX12A)


Here is a bit more information you may want to know also.


EarthX Motorsports




Our terminal adapter is included with this battery if you have a front mount connection.


Voltage: 12 V
EqAh: 18
Pulse Crank Amps (PCA): 340A
Cold Crank Amps (CCA): 230A
Maximum Charge Voltage: 15 V
Max Charge Amps: 5A
Weight: 2.2 lb (1.0Kg)
Dimensions: 5.3in (L) x  2.6in (W) x 4.1in (H)135mm(L)x66mm(W)x105mm(H)
Environmental (water resistance): IP 66 (water wash down)
Terminal Polarity: Universal
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Price: $219.00



Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 6 in