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Here we have a really cool Rear Master cylinder for a 1975-1976 CB750F Super Sport SOHC Honda Four, this is a hard to find item and, this has been cleaned and honed and comes with a Genuine Honda Rebuild kit too, so that everything is like new once you fit to your machine.

These really are hard to find, and when you do, 99 percent of them are destroyed and the sleeve bore is too scratched or dinged for the piston to operate smoothly and you see them leaking.

Simply plop the Genuine Honda rebuild kit in and you are set to go, just unbolt your tired and leaking one on your bike, fit this one, bleed the air out and you are set.

Perfect for your bike and no bad goopy mess exiting the body like so many when they are tired and old, this is a great part and comes with a brand new suction cup as well as a polished knurled cap too.

The boor sleeve is smoother than a babies bum and ready for the kit to be installed and get your Super Sport SOHC bike back on the road once more, as you know these are really hard to locate anywhere.

A great set up to have, even if it is just for a spare, remember, these are over 40 years old now and parts running out all the time, grab this whilst I still have it, I ship all over the world by Priority mail and pack it very well indeed.

Thanks for looking and hope that this will help you out of a jam for your ride?





Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in


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