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Starter switch-Kill switch Universal HONDA 750-550-500


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I sometimes revert to other ways of using switches, as some of the OEM stuff is fetching silly money, so, a cheap and easy way to take all the clutter off the handlebars is to use minimal switches.in this case, I use this 12 volt switch as a starter button, but you could also use as a Kill switch if you so wish.

If you look closely, you will just notice it on the Left hand side of the handlebar, no, not the right like the stock switch as its easier to hit the button with the switch on the left.


I always fit this on the opposite side of the factory fitting as its easier to press the button on the left and open the throttle for gas, I have had many oem starter buttons fail on me as their quality is no way as good as the original Japanese ones, and I am not paying up to $100 for another switch, so use this one and it works great, easy to wore and is really camouflaged when it is fitted to the handlebar.

Take a look, you can barely notice it on the left side of the bar and I shall use these every time I have a switch issue and it lets you keep the bike on the road too.

Simply Connect the Black with white line to your Yellow with red line inside your headlight, and the Green to your Green or Green with red strip in headlight bucket and of course, attach the switch the the handlebar using the clamp attached, you will be in business really fast.

It really is almost invisible when it is fitted to the handlebar and saves your arse when you stall the bike at the lights and just hit the button with your thumb and she fires back into life, rather than having to kick start it in front of everybody lol.

I sell many of these and they are affordable and work very well indeed, better than shelling out for OEM switches or, if you don’t want to use any stock switches at all for a Custom look on your bars, this is an  invaluable way of being able to still have a starter button.





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