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We try to cover as much as we can on helping you build your motorcycle and now we are selling rims to finish off that area of the bike that sometimes gets neglected.

This is a New Chrome DID 18 inch rim that we use on our machines, we also sell the 19 inch and the 16 inch, so we have you covered if you are wanting these sizes.



These are Brand Spanking New and will come all wrapped in the factory paper, and we do ship all over the world and have done for quite some time.

I have always used these rims, some times I remove the Chrome as I am painting them, but at the end of the day, these rims really are the best bang for your buck and I shall continue to use these on the bikes that we create here at the shop.


This is ideal if you are restoring a bike, building a Cafe Racer, Chopper or Brat bike and as we sell 19,18 and 16 inch rims, you can get what ever you need, direct from us.


I sometimes use 2 18 inch rims n my bikes to lower the front end an inch as the customers asks for it and it is a great look too.

Take your time and look at the photos, these really are great Rims and we shall have more parts every day, so always check back on the parts page as we try and get new product all the time.



We have shipped many of these out already and people love the quality and if you are relacing your rims anyway, what better way than to start with a good set of New DID rims from us.


We hope to be your one stop shop and thanks for looking.



This is a new, recent production, genuine Honda rear 18″ x 2.15″ 40-hole rim. Manufactured by DID, original equipment supplier to Honda. 

To the same finish and design standards as original parts.


This rim has a current date and D.O.T stamp.









Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 in