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Here we are with my New TON UP PERFORMANCE exhaust badge, this is a great looking plate and I am sure will last for many years.


I am going to supply these with the New exhausts I sell, as well as offer these for sale for your own set up etc.


These are Alloy and 3X2 in size, and they are really a clean print and high temp coated too.


These also have a strong 3M backing, so these can stick to any flat surface.

These are Now available and can ship right out to you today.

These also come with 4 pop Rivets, so you are ready to fit and go, but- make sure you fit your baffle in there first, before you rivet or screw the name.




These also come with a clear protective coating on the front, soon as you have fitted this, then simply pull the clear membrane off and your done.

Many thanks for looking and I hope you like my design?



Weight .2 lbs