Time for a break soon as its been so mad here.

Well, almost the weekend and I have been contemplating letting Dakota run the shop and I take a week off with Jenn and go and have some fun, it has been some time since we have got to be out and forget about work, it sometimes just takes over our lives and we forget that there is life after 6pm.


I do have a few New products coming out and I can always add them via my trusty lap top if I am away, or need to answer something important etc, the wonders on the internet, but I don’t want to be a slave to that electrical monster.


I enjoy meeting people and talking about the many styles of motorcycles I love, but you got to try and take some time to kick back and rejuvenate- else you will crash and burn big time.

So I am going to see what to do and where to go so that I can get my creative juices flowing more freely by getting out of the workshop for a little but, but not until maybe September -October.

But I have some time to go to a few more shows, as well as maybe organize a few rides and maybe, just maybe try and arrange an event here in So-Cal for people to ride down too.


I love meeting like minded people, newbies and anyone interested in the motorcycle industry or lifestyle.




The amount of people I have met from not just in California, but all four Corners of the world- ( Does the globe have corners being round?)


So, a few more weeks and in that time I should have the NEW website pretty much ready to launch as we have a few things planned for the bikes we deal with and not only CB750 as I have branched out to Triumphs, be it THRUXTON, Bonneville or any of their brand and of course the Royal Enfield,

Life is fun and I am looking forward to more things to come from our shop.

So, enjoy life and have fun with what you do, wankers will always be wankers, but- don’t let them get to you, if you have a smile then that’s the best answer to anything.

Now go and enjoy the weekend, as I know that I am.




Steve Carpenter