Well, as Vegas is obviously known for the Gambling, it is also well known to have the Handle ” Sin City” and as we were at VLV there was cool stuff to feast your eyes on and I know thyat the pun up and burlesque shows were a hit with all.

Below is some photos that I have used from the guys collection and his information is on on the photos, great shots that need to be shown Globally and I am certain there are more than one you will like.

Enjoy these shots as it will get your week off to a fun start. First off, how about the Jiving on the dance floor, bloody brilliant and all sorts of styles from Lindy hop to 50’s Rock n roll, the dance floor was a great place to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere and great moves.

vegas 504 vegas 505



These guys were the winners of the jiving contest and deservedly so and congratulations to the LA based couple pictured here, looks like they had a real blast!vegas 506 vegas 507 vegas 508


Below is the pin up contest by the pool at the Orleans, what a fun event this is and many people just want to have fun, hope that you enjoy Tim’s great shots of this fun filled event at VLV 18.





vegas 510 vegas 512 vegas 525 Vegas500



They even had a Blokes Swim wear show too and next year I think I will try and enter, i mean, with Skinny Legs and a frame that wouldn’t fit a small tent, it should make everyone laugh.

vegas524 vegas525


How cool are some of these shots from Tim? I love the way he captures their expressions and thank him for such a good set of photos of the weekender, loved it.vegas526 vegas527 vegas528 vegas529 vegas531 vegas532


Well, below VLV18 had a touch of the original Sin City and they had Burlesque shows and Burlesque bingo, we couldn’t get in as it was too packed but fun though and be sure to catch it next year.





vegas502 vegas509 vegas516 vegas517 vegas519 vegas520 vegas521 vegas523



Steve Carpenter

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