What Years Are Best To Cafe For SOHC

” What years are the best to Cafe for SOHC?”

Well lets see, stay away from the real early years such as Sand-cast and die cast models, you pay a small fortune for the parts and the restorers will be sending you hate mail. Stick with 1973/74/75 and 76 CB750K models, as there are many interchangeable parts still around and these models are still quite common compared to the early years. The 1975-1978 F models – i.e. Super Sport etc. Well they are cool and the 78 has the best engine as the head is far better designed etc, but parts are harder to locate for them. The 1977 and 1978 CB750K is a great bike, ugly as a Bruise on your arse, but a strong motor, they have a longer frame and the gas tank really is as bulbous as a Jenny Craig fan. So there you go, personally I would stick to the mi 1970’s K series SOHC bikes simply for parts and more commonly available, although all are becoming scarce these days.

In short just take your time and make sure you don’t end up with a real SNOTTER!!!



Steve Carpenter

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