How to ride with a Sidecar attached

Hey there all, Hump Day already, so- As to make the day a little more enjoyable, what better than to have a little video of how to get used to riding a Combination, or what you lot call a side car, we also call it an outfit too, but, none the less, here is some great tips fr all you Chair loving people who want to have one of these contraptions.

As you can see, these are the Russian Urals, and to be honest quite sturdy in many bad Road conditions.

Fun and cheap and to be honest, once running, they are pretty reliable and, quite a common site over here in the USA, people have a real blast in them, I rode in the sidecar about 10 years ago, scared the bejesus out of me as the car was on the wrong side as it was set up for Europe. Ha ha.

UralJust remember, if Uncle Jack tells you to pop out and pick him up some Camels, be careful to look at that shopping list OK?






Steve Carpenter

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