Learn about Steve ‘Carpy’ Carpenter and his Motorcycles.

Many Moons ago it seems Feb 15th 2000 to be exact, I came to this wonderful country and began building motorcycles and repairing them as a means of transport here and to show a slightly different look to the bikes I am used to back in London, and I didn’t realize who’s paths I would cross in the 18 years of being a Motorcycle Builder and Custom Parts supplier here in Southern California.

Below is my Bulldog “Bailey” When she was a pup makes me smile everyday and she sure loves Motorcycles and Skate Boards.

Here she is a little heavier than she was as a pup.

 BUT-Welcome to my website, I am stoked that you have found time to sit down and take a small journey into yesteryear.

I have been building motorcycles for over 4 decades and in the USA over 17 years and have an immense passion for the 2 wheeled machines.

Located in Southern California, I have settled in a great part of the USA, Of course, I am creating Unique Motorcycles, as well as parts and Apparel etc. But I also have a huge passion for Hot Rod’s, as to me, they are just like the stripped down Motorcycles that I create and boy do they have tons of history too.

I hope you enjoy the pages of what I do and if I can help at all just drop me an email at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com

The phone lines get busy, but I am open from 9am-6pm and you can contact me on my shop phone at: 714-598-8392 now, if the machine comes on, I am either on the other line, packing and shipping parts or dropping a bike off, I will get back to you always.

I know I know, the ORIGINAL Cafe Racer was in fact a Brit bike, Triumph, Norton, B.S.A. etc etc

Now as these are now hard to locate parts for and require so much servicing these days, I like to use my Metric set ups for simple running, speed and reliability.

I still love Brit Bikes and have a 2013 Thruxton and my Girlfriend has a T100 Bonneville, Jennifer loves to ride with me and we get to go to some fantastic areas.

Life is good and as long as I am tinkering around with Motorbikes or old Hot Rods, then I am a happy person.

gas tank2

But my bread and butter has been the good old CB750 Honda.


I know to some purist it’s not their cup of tea, and I totally understand this, but what I do with the stock bike is give it a slight British styling that Honda should of brought out back in the day.

do the ton

Unless you have ridden one of these machines, you really will not understand how fun, strong and easy to ride these Classic metric 4’s really are.


But let me just clear this matter up, Cafe Racers have been around in Europe since the 1950’s,  and I hope they continue for many decades as yet.

I am just doing what I love, and I hope that you may like some of the things I do, many people have got the Cafe Racer  and Brat built motorcycle bug now and that is so cool to see, I meet so many people that have a similar passion as I do with these Motorcycles and it is always refreshing to chat to like minded folk on the phone from all over the Globe.


Just have fun with what you do and hope to meet you someday at a show.


Have fun and welcome once more to MY Custom Motorcycle World.


Always had 2 wheels in my life, its just part of me and who I am and hope to continue this for many more years to come.

I have built so many bikes over these 18 years here in the USA, I sometimes lose track, until I see it in a magazine or featured someplace like in a Commercial etc, I am so lucky to do what I do.

Be it Exhausts, Seats, Bars, lights to just service, I am here to help and make sure that you keep your Motorcycle back on the Tarmac.

Making Parts for Triumph and Honda, crosses a mass market and people of interest in this industry as well as Ducati’s stuff too, we are ALL one big Family in my eyes.

I have shipped Motorcycles I have created all over the globe and continue to do so, I love to help and understand the excitement a customer has when they get their machine back on the road.

Old or New I just love it all to be honest and cannot see me going in any other direction, Motorcycles are such a massive part of mine and my brothers life as kids, and as long as I can still walk and see, I will always have some kind of two wheeled machinery.

There is something about the Inline Four that I have always enjoyed, I mean, for many years I rode these for a living as a Dispatch rider in London and they got me all over the place with no issues, My triumphs were saved for the weekend, else I would of Blown the twin powered Daytona up trying to do half the things I did on the inline four Honda’s.

Having a passion for Motorcycles has taken me all over the USA, been so lucky to be involved with the medi in Magazines, tv shows and movie stuff etc

There is always something cool to make, restore or refurbish, I have always been like that, being a Leo helps to I guess, but Classic or Vintage stuff is just in my Blood. few years ago below on My brothers Old DT175, what a blast in my Old Belstaff’s.

I was always into American cars when I lived back in England and the American Lifestyle is something I yearned for as a teenager and Yes- I knew I would make it here on these great shores one day and love every minute in this Great Country.

Had a bit more hair, 50 pounds less and dealt with freezing cold temperatures on brutal concrete, but still managed to build Motorcycles and have fun with them in England.

These bikes and how they turned out- gave me huge amounts of drive to make good and build a career out of designing parts and creating unique machines.

Every day is different and I like the diversity that I experience doing what I enjoy and I thrive on old rusty non running projects and accept the gauntlet when it is passed upon me.


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