The Lunsford Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

Well, sometimes we get some cool rides to create for customers and this one is by no means any exception.

To set the scene, I was approcached by a chap on the ear trumpet and generally inquiring as to designing and building a super cool cafe style motorcycle for him but as he was not getting any younger, could we maybe use a different set of handlebars so as to not give such an aggressive rake to the motorcycle.

So, the seed was planted and away we went with a cool, unique machine that the customer was requesting, he then informed me he owns a HONDA dealership in Texas and is the biggest dealership around and has been there for 30 years, Holy Moly- this bike had better turn heads,else I shall be in trouble.


So, with a bunch of old donor parts, this machine had to be begun from scratch, and to be perfectly honest, I would rather do that, as then I can get right into the bike from the frame up and, below is just soe of the photos of things that we did to make Ronnies machine spring to life.

I cut the frame to as how I like it, so that you can attach the Rear sets and not show any of that ugly triangle framing that used to be the original exhaust and rear peg hangers.



Next up was to smooth the frame and then bead blast all the old paint from the bike and then hit it with a Hot Honda Red, although this photos shows its more Orange but it really is a deep and Hot Red and you will see that in other photo’s below.


We also ditched the Original rear swing arm and opted for one of our Dresda Style Boxed swing arms and with the new bronze bushings etc, this should stiffent the rear of the bike up and make it fun in the twisties.


We did spend a lot of time on this frame, I hate to rush things and wanted to be very sure that I was happy with everything beforew the next chapter of this build begins.


Now you can see the real Color, the red just pop’s and this is the way I had envisioned the machine and we are off to a running start.



We used New everything and the front fender was cut and sectioned then filled, painted and pinstriped and ready for clear coat.


What a difference and boy is this a striking set up and am so pleased at the way that this bike is taking shape.


This time I thought we would use our infamous Vincent seat base, this has a few cool set ups and one of them is that you get a nice size pocket to store anything from your registration to a battery and electrics if you so wish.

Once coated with Hot Red and pin lined, the base was clearcoated and this looks awesome.

The frame needed some chrome to offset the strong Hot red and I thought Chrome and Black was a really good combination.


The bike then had everything New from the Genuine Honda Horm, to New fork tubes and internals to headlight.


We used brand new Excell Alloy Rims and then I detailed the front hub and then laced with stainless spokes and put the tires on the Customer wanted.



Front Brake caliper was completely taken apart and I polished and rebuilt it, as well as drilling the front Rotor and detailing that and any hardware is stainless.

This is now starting to resemble a motorcycle and it is fun making something take shape and come to life.



The rear end now sports the dresda style swing arm and an 18 inch rear Excel alloy rim, we rebuilt the rear hub and painted it and then I did my signature drilling and polishing, New rear brake shoes, springs and actuater also fitted with New brake rod too.


Then some super Works Performance rear shocks were ordered and the pre-load set.

Oil tank was stripped and powder coated and new dip stick too.


I polished the top triple tree, then polished the handlebar holders and used stainless allen head bolts to secure everything, I also used a CB400-4 Super Sport set of handlebars and thottle cables. Then it was time to pull the gauges apart.

The gauges I removed and totally rebuilt and then I used NOS genuine HONDA Gauge Cluster lowers, New Rubber trim and then original Custom Chromed Cups and after re-modeling the faces, I painted and set the needles and put her all back together.



This was now starting to look very Nostalgic and I am happy to say that this was fun to create.


The look is what we wanted and once the top was all done it was time to get on with the many other details that this bike must have.


New cables though out as well as speedometer and tach cables.


We used one of our master cylinders thats brand new and then used Braided hoses for the front brake as this actually increses its performance by almost 50% believe it or not.


Many hours are into this bike and when you work on your machine, you will understand how much time needs to be spent if you want a show winning motorcycle.

We used New old stock 1974 Waffle grips and made sure all was good and tight.


I removed the original side stand and then cleaned it up, smoothed out the old welds and then chromed it and fitted new hardware.


Everything is now Rolling, I even stripped and chromed the engine bolts to give it that finished look.


I used NEW side covers of ours and painted them the same red as the frame, then ran a white pinline around them and added our 750 Decals.


Next up, I wanted to tackle the gas tank as we manufacture the Dunstall style 5 Gallon Manx style tank.  This was then sealed with sealer and tested, then it was painted red and pinstriped to the same style as the side covers, I then went ahead and applied our HONDA decal, using a credit card and a microfiber cloth and soapy water.


This can be a little tricky, but I have done many of these over the years and really sets off well once the clear coat is applied and buffed.

The Red really does jump out at you and I was stoked that the Color scheme I achieved looked fantastic.


We used own Flip top gas cap and this sets the scene off well.

All smiles now as Paint is always the hardest to get right and this bike is now starting to get together.

The Vincent seat base looks smashing with all the detail and the hidden pocket is a great addition for your swag.


This takes 5 gallons for many miles of smiles.

Test fitting all the time, we make the brackets for mounting the gas tank to the frame.


I took this shot as I wanted to show the Customer how his machine is looking, as its important to liase with your clientele.

I removed the oil tank and decided Black was ok but would rather Chrome it, so we stripped and cleaned it then chromed and fitted with new Hardware.


Our finned Alloy Stabilizer bar says it all.

I hand drilled the rear brake drum and then fited new parts for the actuater and the arm and rod , spring and nut are all New.


Everything is coming together and this looks really clean and sharp.


Brand New lower clusters, new internals and stainless hardware adorn this bike.

I also fitted our oil pressure warning light and Neutral and high beam lights to make sure all is well at any point in time.


The Rims looks great, I polished the speedometer drive unit and chromed the cover, and she is dialled in.



New 7 inch Tri-Bar headlight fitted to make sure he can see where he is going in the dark nights in Texas.

Brand New Works Performance shocks are not cheap but they work so well when they are set up correctly.



I spent a long time on this front end to look right.

We were always busy at the shop and had to build other Customers machines too, but it was all worth it and they came out just how the customer wanted them.



The front end has detail too and if you look you will see we used braided hoses for the caliper and I rebuilt the caliper as well as polished it, and also fitted one of our Stainless Steel pistons.

Of course, I managed to purchase brand New handlebar controls and master cylinder, as well as new levers and grips and I fitted these to New old Stock CB400 Super Sport handlebars to give the guy a more relaxed ride.



Its so nice when everything is New and such a change in look to the rusty and worn parts from previously.


Well, here she is in all her Glory, the Motor has so much work, it has a ripping 836 kit from Wiseco, it has Smooth Bore carbs and the head is port and polished, balanced crank and New clutch with Heavy Duty studs, send this bike down the rad effortlessly.

Back at the stable of the owner in Texas, he was super stoked with the machine.



I dont see Iron Bridges too much round here and Ronnie loves to ride this machine, so great to see it alive and used.

The bike looks and sounds awesome with our 4 into 1 system on it.


A fun build and was a pleasure to be involved in this creation of speed.


Now all it needs is good weather and Ronnie hauls off into his next adventure.




Steve Carpenter