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Polishing Services for ALL Aluminum, Copper & Brass

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Hey Gang

I continue to polish and buff and get real quality available to you as fast as I can, I will also have my own Polish available for everyone to have a go them selves if they so wish.


Well, I thought that it was time I started to offer my Polishing services to you all, people ask me all the time how I get the Aluminum to get to bright and clear.


Simple answer is hard work- Me and my Brother both worked for Rolls Royce back in the late 1970’s, starting off Cabinet Making, then getting into polishing alloy, Silver, Brass, Copper and Gold.


I have my own formula that I may brand a little later on and I seem to always get great results in this formula and I think it is time for me to offer my services to you all.

clutch cover

So, if you have anything that you need polishing or even Chromed for that Matter, let me know at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com

blow torch 1

blow torch 2


Call today to get your custom quote for Polishing Services 714·996·4597


I have a super fast turn around on your Aluminum parts and over the next few days I shall be adding pricing for certain parts, to give you an idea of what you will pay.




To ship is pretty cheap these days as I used FED EX and I am sure you will love the quality of the work as I put heart and soul into everything I work on.


I love what I do and if you want your parts to have a “Show Quality” then you have come to the right place.


Send your parts to me here in La Mirada, California as I can polish pretty much anything, so if you have hubs, Forks, Triple Tree’s, Gas tanks, Valve Covers, Clutch covers or even Hot Rod and street rod parts like Intake Manifolds etc, just drop me a line and I will give you a price.


I will look after you and always pack very well when I ship, as well as email you with the tracking number once it has shipped.

  • Clutch cover $35
  • triple tree  $40
  • Valve cover $99
  • Lower forks $130 a pair
  • Gas tank $200
  • Oil Pan $40
  • Front hub $45
  • Rear hub K series $99
  • Rear Hub  F series $140
  • Stator cover $65
  • Gear shift cover $25
  • Sprocket cover $20
  • Sprocket carrier hub $25
  • Rear Brake hub  $65
  • Speedometer drive unit $20
  • Front Brake caliper $99
  • Front brake caliper bracket $30
  • Front brake actuator switch $15
  • Clutch and brake lever $5 each
  • Call for Quotation for ANY part be it bike, car, boat, plane or vintage travel trailer.

OK- if you have parts you want polishing, you can either email me carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or text at 714-598-8392 and can send to:

alloy bike

Carpy’s Cafe Racers

La Mirada california




Call today to get your custom quote for Polishing Services 714·996·4597





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