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Alloy Turn Signal (Set of 2 – One Pair) 12 Volt 2 wire, easy to fit and Robust. Fits ANY 12v Machine.


These Brushed Aluminum Bodied turns signals are Brighter than a Harvard student and easy to fit, will work on ANY 12 Volt system.

complete the look

WI have sold over 1500 sets of these Alloy Turn signals over the years, and continue to sell to builders and myself, I still use them as they are functional, look the era and so easy to fit, it would be hard not to use them to be honest.


These are spun Aluminum and have that classic style that suits ANY motorcycle they are fitted to and as bright as a Harvard student, you will be glad you grabbed these, rather than them weak Plastic bodied versions that are out there, I want these to last and they sure do as I have had these on bikes that have used their machines for over 10 years and they still function the same as the first day they fitted them.



These are dead easy to fit and the wiring is really easy on your bike, especially if its a  motorcycle.  Fit these in minutes and be surprised how stealthy they look once they are fitted. These are a 12volt set of which I have always been proud of fitting to my machines.

 The Body of the turn signal is 3.5 inches in length, and the height of the body is 1.25 inches with an 1″1/8th in thickness, two wire and easy to hook up in your machine as long as they are 12 volt.

You can buy as a pair or buy 2 pair for the 4 corners of your favorite ride and you will be more than happy with the quality of these bad boys with their Brushed Aluminum bodies. See Below, these ones have been on this bike almost 14 years.

If you fit this to your Honda harness, then attach the Black wire to the Orange wire on your harness for LEFT. And attach the Black Wire to light Blue for the Right signal.

The Black and white stripe wire simply hooks to your Ground and that’s Green on your harness, and there you go, a real fast and easy fitting that will have you back on the road super quickly.


I have wired many and some of them can send you crazy, so try and good system like this and really, you cannot go wrong, they are super bright and you need to be seen if you are turning.


So, here we are with the Alloy set up and I am happy with the look of these and I use these quite a bit on the bikes I create.

Be seen and safe and set these Turn signals up in a couple of minutes, you will be glad you did some dark and cold evening.



Just a Classic look and feel and are really bright for all to see, and that’s a good thing in these crazy days, be seen and be safe is my motto.

I have used these on many motorcycles and have sent many hundreds around the globe in the last 20 years, and will continue to do so until I find something that can keep up with these.

Have a look and see what you think as it is YOU that is going to fit them to your mean machine.

These also make a great gift for someone if their birthday is coming up and watch them run out into the garage and fit them in minutes and come back to finish drinking their cuppa.

These are well packed and shipped via USPS and Priority Mail, so you get them in a timely manner too, I am here to help, you can email me on carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or text me for a faster reply on 714-598-8392. Great Value for money and comes direct from me to you.




Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in