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Here we are with something you take for granted, but, this puppy is what holds your gas tank on firmly and doesn’t rattle around like grandad’s ill fitting dentures.


This is for the Black Rubber Gas tank fixture, and is simple to fit if your one is missing, I must of sold 1000 of these and I always use a New genuine one on ANY of the Bikes that I am either creating or restoring.

This is also a Genuine HONDA and not some Chinese weak part that breaks right away, this will last you many years like your original version, Quality Rubber mold.


So, protect your gas tank and stop that vibrating noise that’s sending you crazy, this is an easy fix and you will be glad that you did, belive me you will.

I have plenty in stock and send these all over the globe, just have a look at your one as it may be on its way out?