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Well, Many of you ask me about shock absorbers and where to get them for your CB HONDA, be it CB500 right up to the 750 Model, so now I have these Classic style Spring shocks for sale that bolt right onto your machine and give the bike some Nostalgic styling, as well as great affordable suspension.


I love these old style set ups and they scream “Old School” and am now offering on my website for sale.


These are the Closed to open Clevis for the CB750 SOHC 1969-1976 Models and they Bolt right on with no issues at all.


From center to center is 13 inches, and ideal for a good set up for the big inline four Motorcycle.


Just take a look and see what you think, they are a real cool set up, look like Original 1970’s era but are Brand new, they fit so easy and they will give your motorcycle ride a much more comfortable one thats for sure.


These are very affordable and really do set the rear of your machine up, just take a look at the photos and I shall let you make your own mind up about these Chrome Shock Absorbers.


So easy to fit, simply remove your worn out and rusty shocks, and fit these Chromed beauties and you are ready to hit the tarmac and not worry about your poor old Sacroiliac.


I ship world wide and these will fit the HONDA CB500, CB550, CB650 and CB750 Models with no issues at all.

shocks1.jpg (2)

Thanks for looking, I also sell the OEM Bolts and washers if yours are looking a little worn these days, so keep checking back on the website.


I pack these myself and make sure these arrive safely to you.





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