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CB500 CB550 Custom Made Steel Electrical and Battery tray HONDA


A Steel Custom Electrical tray to fit an 8 cell Anti gravity and other electrics for CB500 and CB550 Four Honda.

Many have asked about this product for their machines , and here it is, this is the Cold Rolled steel Electrical Tray and Battery box, this awesome little set up fits inside your frame and is as snug as a bug in a rug, this is the perfect set up for all you Custom builders out there.

So have a peek at the New Steel Boxes and let me know what you think, these fit so well in the frame and once you have painted them, you wouldn’t know they were even there, this allows you to remove your side covers if you so wish, for a clean Custom look, or leave the covers on for a Classic look thats always cool anyway.

Have a look and you will see what I mean, I also supply metal tabs so you can chose where you want to tack the tabs to mount to the frame as you can use your original mounting holes then with no drilling etc.

I give you a tiny bit of wiggle room to allow you to fit the Electrical tray inside the chassis, I supply the tabs as some models had location holes in slightly different area’s, this way you can add the tabs and simply drill through them to fit to your frames stock location holes.

Laser cut, Brake pressed bent and carefully tig welded, these Cold Rolled Steel Electrical trays are very good value for money and also gives that trick look once you have painted them.

Have a look for your self and you decide, this is a neat bit of kit for your CB500 -CB550 Four HONDA machine.

Just under 8 inches in length and 2 inches in depth with a tapered front, this slides inside the frame rails and will allow you ti fit a lithium or dry cell battery like an 8 cell Anti Gravity and then you can add some electrical too like solenoid or solid state rectifier etc.

This comes with a small packet with three steel tabs in to allow you to attach where ever you like but easy to tack on and then drill to secure into frame, and I know that you will like this.





Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in


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