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Honda CB550 Four 1977-1978 Wire Harness


A Great product, this is for the 1977-1978 CB550 Honda Four Model.

Many people ask me what I use on these 40 year old machines and a common question is which Main Wire Harness do I choose to fit to the machines that I build and service.  its a good question as there is a few out there and I tell you, they will not work right at all, the common denominator is: Made in China crap!

The Harness that I always go for on the Motorcycles that I work with  are made in Japan, quality parts, and nice flexibility, the other things is the colors are right and bold, too many have what you think may be green but its gray etc. Thats is always a worry and you know its incorrect when you turn the key and you see a Flash and smell burned wiring.

So, here we are with the Wire Harness that I use on the 1977-and 1978 CB550 Four Honda bikes, I also sell the sub harness separate on the website, just incase you need that too. A really great harness that I have been using for many years and continue to do so.

Most original harnesses are either cut to pieces and cause so many fuse blows, that you don’t bother taking the bike out ion case it craps out on you, or the other issue is an original is 40 years old and stiffens up, dries out and cracks and causes shorts that you cannot see, as they are hiding inside the masking tape.

So, here is the opportunity to use the same parts as I do and feel comfortable knowing you are getting a great part that is going to function and fit as it is supposed to.

These are so easy to use, I know that you will be super stoked as soon as its all hooked together and you turn the switch and everything works like it should.


Thanks for dropping by, I love all the machines but parts are getting harder to locate these days, but thought that you would enjoy this very part that I use myself.







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