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OK, many people ask me what I do to my harnesses when I have to modify or alter the original, and what I do is use my new ends and covers, of which I am now offering to you lot out there.


Electrical is a pain in the rear at times and especially if you are building a Custom machine, there is no way you want them ugly Blue snap on ends on your ride that makes the harness ugly, bulky and kinda looks like it was bodged together at night with the light off.

So, what is the answer I hear you say?


Easy, just use my Kit that I now have available, this set up is the only way to go to be honest.

Not only are these parts period correct, they are the real deal and all fit tightly. I have used these for about 10 years now and they are a true life saver for me.


Many of you like me will be fitting different handle bars etc?  Well I use the Clubman bars a lot and that means I have excess wiring now from the controls, and what I do is cut at least a foot off the original switches and shorten then, then fit the new fittings, with the clear covers, just like the OEM originals and boy do they look nice when all said and done.


Plus, with the wires shorter, you can fit your headlight unit, without having to get your Mrs or next door neighbor over to hold the bike whilst you push the headlight on with all your might.

Also, using a cheaper alternative like them blue clips or tape, they can come undone and cause a ground issue or worse, a fire, so, these are the best to use and they fit real tightly.

I use these all all 18 gauge wires and have had no issues at all, they save time, look great and make my life a whole lot easier when I need to do electrical and I do a lot of that as I fit bars and new Turn Signals etc and these all need to be trimmed and new connectors fitted.


So, this kit comes with a plastic case and has compartments for the male and female connectors, with the sheaths for them too.


You get 150, YES 150 fittings, that’s 25 male fittings and 25 covers, 25 female fittings and 25 covers and then you get 20 Double female fittings and 20 covers.


This is a great kit and ready for you to use, and if you are working on your bike on the weekend, I will save you many hours of frustration, trying to see if PEP Boys have anything that may work for you and they do not.


Have a look and see what you think, I love this kit and hope you do too.



Also, here are some schematics for you to look at to help you on your motorcycle.

This is for 1969-1972 Models.











Weight 2.27 lbs


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