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Here we are with our CB500-CB550 Tuck n Roll Cafe Racer seat assembly, this is a great set up and we have made many over the years for our customers for the CB750 and now I make them for the smaller bike, we even made the seat base too.







These are hand machined and boy are they comfortable.

We can make these in a few colors to suit you and your machine and, we think these are a really cool and affordable way of dressing your bike up.



We have shipped to many countries and I know that you will like the quality, these are made here in the USA not Vietnam!



Simply choose your color and then place an order and we shall hand make this and get it off to you.

The foam is New too so you will ave a comfortable ride that’s for certain.

We use our own template too and you get a New seat base that has metal inserted plates inside, that way you can drill and tap for your original seat base hinges.

This is the way to go if your old steel seat is as rusty as the Titanic s crapper door and this will last for many miles of smiles.


So, treat yourself to a softer ride and have a look at these, I know you will dig them and choose the color you want and we shall get right on it.


Thanks for looking at our products, feel free to drop us a line at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com and we shall help in any way we can, failing that, drop us a dime at 714-996-4597 and have a chat on the ear trumpet.


Enjoy your New seat from us, we love the way they look, fit and feel.




Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 12 in