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 Many of you ask about Rubber fork caps for the 77 and 78 HONDA, well, I still have them and actually you can use these on 1969-1978 if you so wish and are not using the Ribbed Gators.


I have these in stock and to be honest I use these on some of my Cafe Racers.


As you can see, the bike above is a 1975 CB750F and I have used these on the bike.


I have been using these for over 15 years and sent to many customers all over the globe.



So here we are with a pair of rubber boots that we use on them models all the time, as well as fitting them sometimes to earlier models when they don’t want gators etc.

These are genuine Honda parts and as usual they fit perfect and snug- unlike many aftermarket versions that I have tried in the past.


I will try and add some more photos of other bikes that I have fitted these too, so that way you know they work.


Below, here is the same Fork Cap that I used on a CB550 Honda Brat we built at the shop and as you can see, it looks great.


So grab these and dress that machine up of yours in that area and a breeze to fit, simply pop your tired once off your fork tubes and slide these on.


A Nice and quick way to clean the lower end of your Motorcycle up and keeps all the crap out of the seals etc.


I also fitted them on this 1978 K Honda and polished the lowers, sure looks the part with the Black caps on eh?






Weight .4 lbs