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Well, are you fed up of having a Battery with about as much guts as a nervous Boxer? Is your battery having a hard day trying to turn over that crank and just dying on you?

Well how about using the same set up that I do with these ultra lightweight Lithium battery’s that have more Cranking power than anything out there on the market.


This thing would turn over the world record Pie eating competition world record holder in bed with ease.

I use these in all my machines and boy do they work well, but- what I like about these are they are as light as hell.

I tried the stock battery on the scale and it came in at 10.5 Pounds, I then tried the EarthX battery and she came in at a lightweight 2 pounds.

Amazing that this little battery can kick out so much power but they do and keep it up too.

042Took old battery out of my Royal Enfield as it wouldn’t hold a charge and the motor would die, so hard to start even with a charged acid battery, this EarthX set up is just the job, it has way more cranking amps, none of that messy Acid to deal with and is as light as a feather too.


Easy fitting and in 5 minutes back on the road and the starter almost jumped out of its case when I hit the button.

The Battery comes with advanced technology that protects you from over discharge, which is the number one killer of batteries.

I get these shipped to your door fully charged and you will be so stoked with these and I have now used these for a few years with no issues.

I have tried Yuesa and also Ballistic and many other brands and they do not hold a match to this set up at all.

Not cheap but you rely on a strong battery to get that motor gong and, that’s exactly what you get here.

EarthX battery company is Number 1 in Customers service and you can be sure of this 100% tried and tested set up that I use again and again.

I am now a dealer for the company and am proud to offer you these for your motorcycle.


Our ETX Lithium batteries, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), are designed to be a light-weight, maintenance free replacement of your standard lead-acid battery. Our batteries will work with any vehicle charging system and “modern” lead-acid battery chargers, thanks to our exclusive built-in electronics (Battery Management System, BMS).

No other motorsport lithium battery manufacturer offers a battery with built-in electronics to protect it from over-discharging, over-charging, plus keep the cell’s charge level balanced.


Our batteries are an exceptional value given the fact they can last four times longer than a lead-acid battery, up to 8 years. All of our motorsport batteries come with a full 2 year warranty (not prorated like others). If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, you may return it for a refund (see our Shipping and Returns policy). We engineer and assemble all our batteries in the U.S.A.

Replaces Yuasa: YB12A-A, YB14-B2, YB14A-A2, YT12B-BS, YTX14AH-BS, YTX14AHL-BS, YT14B-BS, YT14A-A2, YB16AL-A2, 51814; can be used to upgrade from the ETX12B.

Our terminal adapter comes with this battery if you have a front mount connection.




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