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Brand new black Coke Bottle style grips for vintage bicycles.  These are a nice new interpretation of the vintage grips seen on Balloon Tire Bikes of the 40s and 50s.  Sized for adult hands; a tad thicker, and a tad softer.  These are real nice and get quite favorable reviews.




A great set of Vintage looking soft Handlebar grips that are replicated from the old Coke Bottle styles of the Balloon bikes of years gone by and they are real comfy too.



These are soft Black Rubber and will fit on ANY 7/8 Handlebars, be it Japanese or British and you will like the way these feel as it cuts down vibration on your hands.




Available now from me and I ship these all over the globe, I also ship 6 days a week and try and get to you as quick as I possibly can, I really like these though.






These are Perfect for the Cafe Racer and if you have a Triumph, Honda, Suzuki, BSA or any Classic, and you want that old school look and feel, this is the place to get them from.






I shall be fitting these to my Thruxton as well as a CB750 Cafe I am creating right now and will take photos to show you how cool they look as I always use these parts mys

They make a superb gift and if you are struggling to think of something to get for the gear head in your life, then these 5-1/8th in Length beauties are just the ticket.

Hope you like these and maybe if you look at the other pages on the website, there may be other parts that tickle your fancy?



If you have any questions at all about these 7/8 Grips, them you can email me anytime at: carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or drop me a dime at 714-996-4597, I will always help you.


These fit 7/8″ diameter bars and measure 5-1/8″ long.

So treat your Motorcycle today, I know that your hands will thank you later for it.




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