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‘Flatheads Forever’ V8 Hot Rod T-Shirt


Flatheads forever Tee shirt, show them you love Henry’s Side Valve Motor.


OK  all you Flathead fan’s, here we are with a shirt that I designed  and wanted to start printing them to offer to you all, if you are a Flathead V8 fan, then this is the design for you, be it a AV8, a 32 Deuce Coupe or even a Dry Lakes Belly Tank, if it has a Flatty- you will be into this shirt. This is printed on a million dollar press and the ink stays solid for many many moons.



The shirts are printed right here in California and these will last you many miles of smiles for sure, I have sold over 1000 of these shirts to people all over the globe and they all love the quality of the shirt and the print.

Printed on 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton, these shirts are great quality and are a Gildan branding of which is great Quality and wash really well indeed.

I have sent these all over the globe and if you are looking for that Nostalgic shirt, then look no further, I have a passion for old machines and thats me with my very own Flathead V8, I am sure that you are into these as much as me if you are looking on the page.

Hot Rods and Motorcycles have been my life for as long as I can remember and I throw all my passion into the designs and I am happy with the way that these look and of course how long they last.

  These also make a superb gift for family and friends, so grab some and keep them for when you need to send one out, they will love it.


 Sizes are right now SMALL to XXL and these are a Medium weight shirt and are in Black, I ship Priority mail and they get to you FAST.


Be it a stock 32 21 stud to a cool belly tank v8-60, flatheads are such an iconic motor with the Hot Rod fraternity, I run a 1939 59A Flathead in My Roadster.

 Thanks for looking at my latest shirt and look forward to seeing your machine if it has the good old Flathead in it, be it a 21 stud or a blown 24 stud, we love them all.



I have been into these machines for so many years and will never lose the interest I first gained about these Hot Rods when I was a youngster.

 Thanks for looking, just drop us a dime at 714-598-8392 if you require any more information or help, failing that, you can always email us at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com and we shall be more than happy to respond to you.

If you like Nostalgia, then you cannot go wrong with one of the shirts.





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