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Hello Gang

Well, you are getting your bike put back together, and you have replaced most of the old snot, rusty and broken pieces for your beloved CB750.

But, you get to the rear of the bike and there it is, the cracked and twisted piece of Black plastic that has not only had a sad life, its on its last legs.

the Plastic is brittle and the color has gone to a faded grey as the years of sun and dog piss has stained the hell out of it, but, where do you find a nice replacemnt?

There are non available from good old Honda anymore.

Well, here is your answer mate, right here on this website.

I now have made these Fiberglass inner Fenders that are sturdy as hell and will take a better battering than a cheap trailer wife.

This actually works really well and does dress the rear end of your bike up where before it was as dreary as a summers day in London.

I thought about this for some time and went ahead and got this to its final guise here and it fit easily yet is 5 times stronger than the stock one.

Plus you can paint it if you want. You will be happy with this and it is priced well for the amount of time this takes to hand lay.

Grab these as they really are a good investment.

Stops all that crap getting into the back end of your frame and battery.



Weight 4.54 lbs