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OK, here we are with another cool set up, and this time I know this is something that you will like, as I am sure that your old brake rod has been on there since the day it left the Factory.  And more likely it resembles the one that is pictured below, as that has had a rough life.

These are brand New, freshly made and ready to fit to your inline Four SOHC Honda and they will fit DOHC models too.


I fit a New one on Every build that I create and there is nothing more unsightly than a bent brake rod, plus a new one is straight and gives you your full motion of braking once more.

If you have a CB750 SOHC or even a DOHC, then this is something you sure can use and will be glad that you did, I bet your old one has seen better days?

This was my Rusty contraption some one had welded up and of course it broke I guess, so I removed the Old rusty brake rod and easily fitted my New one, this really is Brand new and works great.

Some I have had to use were really bad and just could not straighten, so decided to have a company make some from y prototype and I super stoked with them.

So now I have a great set up and this cleans the rear section of your bike up, its a simple replacment for your old tired factory version and available right now for you.

Nice finish, clean, crisp and of course, the nut adjuster is smooth as silk when you tighten it up.

I will be using these on all my builds and I am glad I  went this way.

See what I mean? This looks great now.




Weight 1.81 lbs