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Beringer 2H19-B Two-Piston Classic Caliper, LH, for Honda CB750 K3-K6 CB750 SOHC


For a long time we have all had issues with the stopping power of the inline four single piston front brake on our 750 Honda’s I have tried many different set ups to see if I can improve on the braking power, from using Harley to Custom Wilwood and I had no real significant luck in creating a Bolt on kit that does the job right out of the box,…. Until Now.

Our front brake was a major breakthrough 40 years ago, first to have a front disc brake, but times have changed and if you can directly bolt a super clean and efficient brake system to your front end that could potentially save your life. well, that’s a good thing right?  I have had many near misses on my inline fours and now I have the Beringer set up, I can worry a little less when I am on the tarmac and need to come to halt pretty quick.

This 2 piston Classic Caliper features Precision CNC machining, Stainless Pistons and a built-in mounting bracket which is specific to K3-K4-K5 & K6 SOHC Honda CB750’s. Works only with Beringer brake rotors H22R. Does not work on oem Honda rotors, as these are engineered differently and are specifically manufactured for the use of the Beringer 2 Piston Caliper.

This is a really well made piece of kit and as I am a Dealer for Beringer, I wanted to fit their complete set up for the K3,K4, K5 and K6 Model SOHC to a 1974 CB750 I am creating right now and there is nothing better than to share the photos I took today as I got ready to take the old Caliper and Rotor off and Fit the New Beringer Classic Disc and Caliper. And I have to tell you, the product is very well made, very proffesionally packed too, very impressed by the look, the feel and the weight of these parts, fitment is always key when you try an aftermarket system and I thought I may have a few issues, but not at all, it was a breeze to fit this and it will be the same for you and your CB750 Honda.

I use High Grade Stainless Allen head bolts on my builds and this was so easy to fit, even with Vintage bulky Lester rims, I managed to get access to the bolt heads with no issues at all and everything lined up as if it was from the Honda Factory itself, it really is an easy install for even the beginner.

Look how great this 2 Pot caliper looks and fits, its a nice snug fit and I was really surprised at the easy of application compared to many I have tried over the years, I went with the Beringer Rotor and I have a Beringer master Cylinder too, stay check the website for that install too.

Minimal tools are needed and you will really like the way this is manufactured, a lot of time and effort went into the RnR of this kit and am so happy that I went on this route with the Project Bike that I am building, I know these are not cheap but this will save your life.  The older parts are well, Old- So this is new and 2 pistons as opposed to a singular one, this will funstion so much better and looks pretty trick too.

I will be offering these on here as well as the Ko-K1-K2 version too, so stay tuned for that, as well as the Rotor I will offer and the Master Cylinder for these 500 pound Motorcycles.



Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


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