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Beringer Classic Brake Disc, offset, Stainless, 296mm, Honda SOHC CB750-Black



Honda CB550-750 K0-K8

Been a Long while coming, but finally it is here, the trusty New Beringer Classic Floating Rotor, has an Offset ( Dished ) Hub, and it is Stainless Steel for longevity and heat dissipation, a superb bit of Engineering for the Good Old Inline Four Honda Motorcycle.

As you can see, the worn and weathered stock factory Honda CB750 Rotor I just removed and the New Beringer 296mm Stainless heat treaded Full Floating awaiting installation on a project that I am putting together in the Barn out of parts I have laying about, so what better opportunity then to show how this fits and looks, compared to the OEM 40 year old version that Honda fitted for 8 years on their SOHC Motorcycles.

So, here goes, its time to get this addressed and begin this installation of Beringers front brake rotor and I am quite excited to the outcome to be honest, so I start by removing the old flange nuts on the front wheel and get ready to remove the old Rotor.

Once you remove the old tired rotor, its a simple bolt on job to replace with the New Beringer model and this really does chain the appearance of the front end already.

Now look at that, its a thing of Beauty and fitted up with no problems at all, of course I didn’t fit the old flange nuts that came with the factory, I treated it to new stainless versions.

Plopped the front wheel back into the forks of this project inline four machine and super stoked at how the finish and fit is of this Brake Disc, its a great part to have for the 750 and I went ahead and ordered the Beringer 2 piston Caliper and bracket for it to function correctly as the stock Caliper wont fit this application, plus I want an extra piston in my brake caliper for firmer grab when I pull the lever in.

This is a 1974 CB750 I am building but the Rotor fits all year SOHC 750 Hondas, but you must use the Beringer Caliper too.

Now thats a tasty set up right there, fits well and fills out that front wheel nicely, a real nice piece of Quality engineering for your inline four front end.

I have a Beringer master Cylinder I shall be fitting too and will then lay the Braided brake lines when I have mocked this bike up as I have changed the look a few times but almost there now with the design.

That’s a sweet looking Brake system and I know that you lot will all benefit from installing this set up on your 500 pound machine at some point, I am still a ways to go on this Project build but so glad I went with the Beringer set up, I am a dealer for these and they are available from me on this website and of course ship all over the globe.

The Old girl is now taking shape and am happy how this is going, got to shorten the seat up and stuff but at least I know she will stop real fast compared to the old slow version of brakes.

Of course, I shall add more photos when I have completed this build and share with you all, as well as a road report on how the brakes perform on the tarmac.



Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 in


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