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Classic Axial Brake Master Cylinder Round Plastic Reservoir with Billet Cap (14.5mm, 2 piston caliper)


Classic Beringer Axial Brake Master Cylinder Round Plastic Reservoir with Billet Cap

(14.5mm, 2 piston caliper)

When you have a 2 pot Caliper, then you need a decent Master Cylinder to get the vital Brake juice to the Caliper to press against the Brake Rotor and bring your Motorcycle to a safe stop.

Look no further, as this is the best around and another great Product from Beringer, and I am going to be using this version on my very own machine, as I have already fitted the Brake Rotor and the caliper to my 1974 CB750K Honda Four.


Beringer  Axial brake master cylinder is ideal for classic bike restorations and neo classics like the current Triumph Twins, Ducati Scramblers, Indians with a single 2- or 4-piston front brake caliper, this is a great design that feels sturdy yet elegant under your fingers, and a squeeze on this lever will bring your machine to a stop way better than the worn out version you may have on your machine right at this moment in time.

A lot of R & D went into this set up and I have to say I like these Master Cylinders a lot and such an easy fit to your machine, it has a nice look and weight to it and finish and fitment is as good as any top shelf Master Cylinder on the market.

I am trying to show you all the angles of this model to let you see the quality and craftsmanship that went into manufacturing these beauties’ to help you Stop.

If you are looking for a great upgrade for your braking system, then I thoroughly recommend this set up, its easy to fit up and its ergonomic as hell, you will love the feel and response as you pull in the brake lever, it is a nice Custom set up that not only helps in bringing your bike to a stop, its a top class Custom creation that sets you apart from the rest.

I have the Brake Caliper and the Floating Beringer Rotor on the Project CB750K I am creating right now and wanted some products that will keep me safer on the tarmac and with this set up, I have no worries what so ever.

Not cheap I know but this is your life on the line and these brake parts are the best around and I am looking forward to trying mine out when the Project inline Four Motorcycle is completed.

It is all ready to bolt right onto your 7/8 handlebars and get you back on the road in no time at all, this is going on my own CB750 1974 Honda project build.

If I can help with any of my Beringer Brake kits I will, you can call me on 714-598-8392 or Text me on the same number and I always reply, I ship globally and help on the Customs forms so no duty to pay. A serious piece of Kit, not cheap but this is on another level to be honest.




Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 7 in


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