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New master Cylinder for Better stopping Power. for ALL 7/8 Handlbars.

Are you fed up with a master cylinder that leaks as bad as a baby’s ill fitting diaper?

Is your master cylinder as corroded as the the tin man’s boxers, I know I have had many of these issues over the 23 years building these inline fours but here is the easiest solution .

harlequin cb750



This is one cool set up and I am now using these on my own machines, the good thing about these is they look like the original ones from back in the day, and these are New and will not leak like your old worn out ones do.                            This fits all 7/8″ handle bars.


I like the way these do look and of course the function is way better than older second hand ones.

I have sold many of these and I am certain you will like everything about this master cylinder assembly, I have sold about 500 of these units all around the globe with no issues what so ever.

Sure, you can run a repair kit on your old one but sometimes there is an issue where the Piston sleeve has Ovaled due to excessive braking over the years and it will still leak, if your Master Cylinder leaks, it will drip and when you ride, the fluid will be forced backwards and onto your tank, thus removing your gorgeous paint in only a few minutes.

I use these on every build I create, and know that these help me to stop efficiently and safely every time.

So, treat yourself and have none of the headaches that I have encountered, trying to fix 40 years old OEM models.