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Exhaust 4 into 1 CB400-4 Super Sport


Get that Old style look, sound and Sound today!


OK-here we are with yet another great 4 into 1 exhaust system that’s made from 0.49 Cold Roll and looks like the old Racing exhausts of yesteryear.

 This is for the good old Honda 400-4 Super sport model 1975-1978 and I love the way that this fits and looks on the motorcycle.

I have been offering these for many years and people love the old style sound as they bark from the top of their lungs.There is something unique about the resonance of these systems and I now offer these 4 into 1 set ups for you.

Now, these will be available as Raw steel as you see here and also as a ceramic coated version too, but that’s a little more money.

Have a look and see what you think, as we had to make one for this machine and I may as well make a jig and continue to make them for this model bike.

This is good value and better than the Mac pipes you see out there and, this has the nice sweep to it too.

We Now offer stainless Steel versions and they are really trick.

We are happy how this looks and I thought I would make some to get out there for the start of the New year as it is just around the corner now.

We send these out via fed Ex and we also ship around the world via USPS, shipping inside USA is about $45.

Much better than the stock version and this really does suit the motorcycle when you have it all fitted.

We are making a few different exhausts for these machnes now and the next one will be for the CB350 – Four models.

If you own a CB400 and want something a little different but has a great look and unique sound, then you have found the place.

This morning we shall fit this model to the CB400-4 and you can see what it looks like compared to the stock bike, here is the Stock bike right now below.

Stock one is OK but muffled and kinda boring to look at and we thought this would be an ideal candidate for a Raw steel version.
 photo 021_zpse7373163.jpg

This was so easy to fit and not only do they hug the frame, they weigh much less and sure do perform in all curves.

. photo 020_zpsd863e106.jpg

A original style that people come back for all the time and am happy to offer these in Raw steel or stainless versions too.

 photo 019_zps80bc27fe.jpg

If you have a 400 – 4 and want some Bark and bite, then this is the best way to go for your hard earned money for sure.
 photo 017_zpsddc01067.jpg

We have been shipping these all over the world and am pleased to offer these to you all now, you will love the sound.
. photo 015_zps8771deba.jpg

These come with a removable baffle too and sure do sound like the pipes of tester year, I love the sound they make.

. photo 012_zpse07760be.jpg

Have a look and see what you think, we also offer ceramic coating or stainless and you can also wrap these if you want.

. photo 010_zps1ef44503.jpg

Take a nice long look and see what you think, I look after my customers and help with shipping forms to help with Duty.

. photo 009_zps56165c18.jpg

Just like the older Pipes of the Race days, this will really bark the harder you open the throttle.

. photo 027_zpsf963cb8a.jpg

Even the Race guys are now using our systems and they Perform so well, they all want them at the track.


These are a robust set up and sure easy to fit to be honest and of course make a super gift for the gear head in your family.

If you need any help, just drop me a line at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or drop a dime at 714-996-4597 and will be more than happy to help you out.

My 16th Year here doing this and love what I do, thanks for your support.




Weight 15.00 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 16 in