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I have always used EBC since I was a teenager and every bike I have produced, serviced fixed or rebuilt, has always had these brake set ups.


I am now supplying the EBC rear brake shoes and springs. I use these on all the builds that I create and all the Motorcycles I service. I like they way they fit, I also like the fact that they come with new springs too.

If you need to re-shoe your CB750 Honda, then look no further. Simply remove your old tired and shiny brake shoes and fit the new composite sets that I use and sell.

Easy as 1,2,3 and New brakes are always a bonus on any ride. I have been using this set up for years and now the opportunity has come for me to sell to you. I shall also be selling the front brake pads for all SOHC 750 HONDA’S from 1969-1976.




Weight 6.35 lbs