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HONDA Bobbed Front Fender CB750 CB650 CB550 CB500


Custome Bobbed front fender, using your stock brace.

Here we have our Fiberglass Bobbed front fender for the CB750 and the CB550, this is my own style and I have sold manu of these, and this sits tight on top of your tire and give that real custom look.

This is a great look and especially if you dont want to cut, grind and weld your old rusty fender, this saves you time and is way more robust too, all you need is your brace from the old fender, simply fit the brace to your forks and push the Bobbed fender ober brace and mark the holes and you simply drill and Rivet or bolt, depends on what you want it to look like.


Many people are Emulating the style I create and I dont mind at all, but I am the real McCoy. This is something I really do have a passion for and many many people have tried my parts and like they way they look and of course fit well and made right here in the USA.

This is a strong set up and you will be surprised how robust the Bobbed fender is, as we have Triple layered the fiberglass and its very forgiving, where as an old rusty model will crease.

I spend a lot of time in Development and making sure that everyone can fit this with no issues, and I believe this to be the BEST out there. Constructed of high Quality Aircraft Epoxy, this will stand the test of time, this can be painted with no issues and fit directly to your Original brace, just grind the old nipples off your rusty Fender and bolt this to your brace.


We even made sure there was a cool ribbed edge all around the fender to finish it off and adds that Custom touch too. I have sold so many of these and still do today, that must mean something eh?

I used the first one ever on my CB750 Supercharged HONDA and it looked pretty trick as it paints up real nice.

Its a super tight fit and gives that Great old Race style look with none of them horrible struts in the way covering up the wheel.

I also offer braided brake lines and many other parts for your build, so stick around and look at whats available for your inline four machine.

It is 22 inches in Length and 5.5 wide and comes to you in Black gel Coat, I send worldwide and help on all customs forms so you dont pay duty fee’s etc.

Fits CB750, CB650, CB550 and CB500 Motorcycles. Treat yourself to one today.



Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 8 in


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