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Many of you ask where I get the Headlight Ears or otherwise known as Fork Ears etc, and thats easy- from me.


I have been selling these “Universal” headlight ears for many many years and the good thing with these is that they are affordable and easy to fit.


These come in Polished Chrome but you could always paint or powder coat them and I have done that many times too.


I have also shortened them to bring the headlight even closer to the forks for a Custom look.


You can fit these anywhere up or down the fork tube and they are a Universal fit from 32mm up to 42mm forks, so many applications out there.



And for $20, what a deal and these are steel, they will stand the test of time and I have sold many hundreds of these sets over the years.



Have a look and see what you think, I love these as it really is a fast way to add to your machine and fit different style headlights easily.


I ship 6 days a week and these are light, so can fit into one of those Flat rate envelopes, so have a look and see if this will help you for your machine.





Weight 0.9 lbs


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