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Hey guys and gals,

Well, many people have asked me and now I am here to deliver, this has taken some time but here it is, the first of our Oil Tanks. This Steel Oil Tank for the CB750 Honda is what you will get and boy is a great set up and pretty easy to use to be honest.



This round steel oil tank holds just over 3 quarts and we did all the hard work for you, you just add a bracket where to fit from your stock location hols where the old battery went and there you go.

Now- this is the Raw steel one, but we shall offer a chrome version a little later on and we have another one coming out with a battery compartment in it too, but this one first and people dig it.


These tanks have also been sealed and pressure tested, so you have zero issues there, its a nice size and I had thought of this a long time ago and finally now ready to supply to you lot out there who want to run a cafe racer, a Brat, Chopper or Custom Honda with no side covers and that ugly oil tank and battery box etc.


These are a nice sturdy construction and you can paint or powder coat if you so wish.


I am going to fit some of these to old machines we are working on and as you see the one we are trying right now is a 77-78 Model and no worries there, but these are a great set up for the SOHC and will work on the 1969-1978 Models K and F series too.

I am sure happy how this looks and am looking forward to riding with this in the bike once everything is all painted and completed. We shall offer Chromed versions too so keep checking back on the website for cool options.



If you are tearing your bike down and are looking for a better oil tank set up, look no further as this is the coolest one out right now and I am sure that you will like it as much as we do?

The good thing about this is its pretty easy to fit and set up and I am sure that you will agree, these machines look great with no side covers on?


Below is the fittings you get too, the alloy machines adapter that bolts into your motor with Two O- rings as well.

Then you have all the Elbow barbed fittings for your hoses to hook up, your feed and return etc, have a look and see what you think.




Available and we can ship to you anywhere around the globe 6 days a week.


Stay tuned for more styles that we shall be having available soon.









Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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