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Black Bomber Tail Light


People ask me all the time if there are any smaller stop tail lights that I sell or recommend?  Of course, I always wait and trial run any products that I sell, just in case there are inherent issue that crop up, once I know there are no issues and no bugs etc, I then offer them on my website and I personally will use on my own projects that I am building in the barn.

This 3 wire easy to fit compact LED Tail light is a robust and sturdy piece of equipment and although small, it is mighty when it comes to illumination.  You need to be seen to be safe and this will make sure that the people will get noticed.

Affordable and so easy to wire, its a crime not to use it to be perfectly honest, the simple set up is always the best way to add to your motorcycle, many tail light assemblies need a Degree in Physics to understand with all the wiring that has more strands than Angel Hair.

See how simple this is and the LED is as bright as any other on the market, I like this set up and shall be using it on a few projects that I need to get complete and on the tarmac.

A versatile piece of electrical hardware that doesn’t cost the earth and is so very simple to attach and of course, wire into your Motorcycles harness, the three wires makes it so easy and will work on ANY 12 volt system, so great for HONDA, Triumph, Royal Enfield, BMW etc, a great product that for a little fella, packs a punch.

Here is a picture of the tail light with the dimensions, so that you can see if this application will work with what you are building right now and get you on the way to nearing your completion of your own Custom Creation.

It is lightweight so not a fortune to ship to you wherever you are located, have a good look at the pics, this 12v is the go if you want a stealthy looking set up thats a pure breeze to fit and gets you seen when you are on the tarmac.






Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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